About Us - GirlChat Media

There is a time, when a mother and daughter are inseparable. The little lady watches mom’s every move. She puts on mom’s shoes, wears her makeup and goes everywhere with her.

But things change.

It’s not that the girl doesn’t love mom anymore, she does. But she is growing… fast! She’s changing. She’s making new friends and experiencing so many firsts. She’s also got a lot on her mind from tests and activities to friend groups and fitting in. Her world that once revolved around mom is now crowded and sometimes very confusing.

About Us - GirlChat MediaSo what does she do…

…when she is the only one not invited to the big party?

…when she’s confused about boys and pimples and the fact that her clothes don’t fit right anymore?

…when she needs comfort, reassurance or even a kick in the butt cuz she’s not acting her age?

She can go to mom. And if she’s just not ready to have that talk with mom, that’s ok, because she can also come here….

GirlChat Media is a place for girls. It’s also a place for moms.

About Us - GirlChat MediaIt is the spot where the conversation starts on so many topics like friend drama, periods, pimples, not getting a party invite, divorce, body image, working dads and even the fun stuff like hair and makeup tutorials, Musically, funny YouTube videos, unicorns and slime (or the next big IT thing). GirlChat Media is also home to recs on movies, music and tasty things too like your favorite Caribou Coffee drinks and hot spots for frozen yogurt! GirlChat Media is a go to space for guidance, inspiration and important timely information for girls and their moms.

Sometimes all it takes to navigate this amazing, yet confusing world is a conversation. We’re here to help get it started.