Awesome Family Traditions I Want to Share!

My family does some awesome traditions, so I think it’s only fair to share a few with you!

One of my favorite traditions of ours is done on Christmas Eve. We each get a box which includes, a new pair of pajamas to dream of sugarplum fairies and sweets in.  My parents also get my siblings and I all treats to share while watching a movie which they also provide in our gift as well as some fun new games to play before heading off to bed! This is a tradition that I look forward to every year because it’s fun to open a gift on Christmas Eve, but it also ensures that we get to spend some quality family time together.


The next tradition is my mom’s favorite, April Fools Day. Now I know that most people do April Fools day but my mom goes far… almost too far. My siblings and I pretend to dread it, but deep down inside we all get excited the day before waiting to see what’s coming our way on April 1st. One time, my mom put a balloon in a cake so when my sister cut into it, it blew up. Another time, my least favorite prank, my mom gave us chips that had crickets in it. The worst part is- my sister kept eating them after she found out!! Another favorite of mine is probably my favorite because it didn’t happen to me, it’s when my mom put olive oil on the toilet seat. It ended in a loud thump and my sister yelling “Mommm!” As you can probably tell, my mom likes this tradition as much as I do!


On New Years Eve every year we stay at a hotel! When we get there we normally go swimming or do a scavenger hunt, then we head back to the hotel and get in comfy clothes and turn on the New Year’s Eve countdown and get chinese takeout. As soon as it comes we dig in and then throw on our party hats and grab the party horns and go onto the porch or outside and countdown, then watch as the fireworks blow up in the sky!


This last tradition is my absolute favorite! If it’s one of my family members birthdays, we get up early and go make a nice big breakfast and sign cards and wrap presents, then as soon as we are done we each get an assignment for what to grab, my little sister normally loves to grab the presents, and then go upstairs and walk into the birthday girl’s room and sing happy birthday to wake them up! We set their breakfast aside while they open their cards and gifts and then give them the meal and let them enjoy!