Is your preteen ready to wear make-up? - GirlChat Media

Summer is the season of transitions.  It’s time to stop thinking about our daughters being in the grade they were in and start looking at the experiences they will be going through in the year ahead and getting ready for the changes that will be sure to follow.  Whether your daughter just wrapped up elementary school or is heading into high school, make-up is a topic that will surely be broached this summer.  So, what’s typically deemed appropriate when it comes to make-up?  Well, I think that is definitely up to each individual parent, but after a ton of research and going through the process twice with my own daughters, here are the guidelines I like to follow. Feel free to chime in with how you have answered the question of how much make-up, when!

Start slow; I’m a firm believer that as with anything in life, it’s good to start slow and work up to full force and make-up is no exception.  When my girls started middle school, both of them came to me with the “everybody is doing it” argument, so I compromised.  We started with clear mascara and a lip tint. It made them feel like they were growing up, but the impact was minimal.

Build from there; I then increase what they wear every year.  At 13, I step it up to a full fledge mascara and add light to medium lipstick and a light blush.  Then, at 14 we work in eye shadow and eye liner. with makeup for their brows too  My hope is, they will protect their skin long enough, that by the time they hit 15 they won’t want to wear full foundation daily basis, but will be able to make their own decision when it comes to make up the year they head into high school.

Keep it clean; throughout the entire process though I stress the importance of keeping a good skin care routine.  At 42, there are many, “I wish I had known then what I know now,” moments and one of them is how important it is to start with a good skin care routine and keep at it through every decade.  Can you say sunscreen.