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Friend or Not?

She’s your bestie one minute and the next minute she’s hanging out with someone else and ignoring you… but still liking all your social media posts. You’re wondering: What’s going on? Are you my friend or not?

Sometimes it’s worth pulling out a piece of paper and a pen to figure it out. Real friends have certain characteristics that make them genuine and true. Does your friendship stand the test of time? Take a look at some of the things true friends do:

She Supports You… Always and in Everything

A true friend wants the best for you. She supports your dreams and goals. She’s happy when you make the dance team or the debate team, even if she doesn’t make it. She wants the best for you and celebrates your achievements.

She Loves All of You… Even Your Quirks

We all have those silly, even dorky things we do on a regular basis. A real friend loves your silly side… she may even encourage it! Plus, she knows you get crabby when you haven’t eaten breakfast or that you get quiet when school is stressing you out. A true friend knows you and stands by you even when life overwhelms you.

She Forgives

Let’s face it, we all screw up. With a fake friend, one mistake might cost you the friendship. A true friend will forgive you if you mess up, because the friendship is more important than one mistake.

She Has Your Back

A true friend is on your side and supports you no matter what.

She’s Always Got a Shoulder for You to Cry On

If your friend only sticks around when you’re happy… that’s a big sign she’s not a true friend. A fake friend will ignore you and your feelings. A true friend will give you a great big jug and listen to you. True friends love you whether your happy or sad.

She Wants You to Have Other Interests… Besides Her

A real friend doesn’t want you to look like her and talk like her. She wants you to be yourself and explore yourself. She encourages you to do your thing instead of stick to the status quo.

She’s in Contact Constantly

Fake friends only show up when they want something. A real friend is always trying to hang out with you, because she is genuinely interested in your life and you!

She Doesn’t Care What You Wear or How You Look

If you have to worry about what you’re wearing and how your makeup is done when you hang out with a friend… that’s not a friend. A true friend doesn’t care if you washed your hair or that you’re wearing leggings and a sweatshirt. She just wants to spend time with you.

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