4 parenting ideas when your teen starts dating

4 parenting ideas when your teen starts dating - Girl Chat Media

It happened!! My fourteen year old has a boyfriend. Ugh, I’ve been dreading this day, but knew it would happen.  So, I’ve had to have a crash course on how to let them hang out in a way that I feel comfortable with.  Here is what i came up with!

  1. Safety in numbers; I decided that hanging out in a group setting is less like a date and more of just friends hanging out.  I told Hathaway that I was comfortable with her hanging out with her, “boyfriend,” as long as there were at least 4 people with them.
  2. Going public; I also was more comfortable with here hanging out with her new friend if they were in a public situation, bowling, swimming, the beach any place where there would be quite a few people around them.
  3. Parent involvement; I also wanted to make sure that the parents were involved on both sides.  If I’m driving them somewhere, I liked it when his parents would drive them home.  It gave me the chance to meet them and know that they had a chance to know Hathaway too.
  4. Open Communication; I felt comfortable with my decision because my daughter and I have a very open relationship.  She tells me everything!  I think every situation is different and might change my mind when my middle daughter reaches the same point, though I doubt it.

I will say this was one of the more difficult parenting situations I’ve been in so far.  The views on this subject are extremely different and you just have to go with your gut.  I’d love to hear how you handled the situation.  This mama is always looking for new ideas.